CavArt was created in 2006 to conceive, design, build and install various types of industrial plants. In it are condensed the many years of experience gained by its staff in most industrial sectors. Besides projecting and realizing different kinds of industrial plants, Cavart makes its own designs, and manufactures conveyor machines of all kinds, connections between all process machines and many special and/or particular machines.

We propose an innovative method based on the synergy of shared ideas that means working in collaboration with our customers.

We adopt this method in order to transfer knowledge and experience between the different industrial areas in a way that is controlled and in complete harmony with the needs of our customers.

Time changes the needs of companies and the markets, and does so quickly; Cavart takes on the challenges of a globalized world, and with its particular way of working tries to give the best answers to anybody who has to design, build, expand or modify an industrial plant.