structures in industrial plants

Structural design for industrial factories very often requires a completely different approach to the one adopted for common civilian facilities.
The reason lies in the peculiarity of industrial production processes and in the singularity of the machines used.

In ordinary structures, the regularity and simplicity of construction come first while in the structures for industrial use the correct and optimal arrangement of machines is paramount. According to this criterion, in the design of an industrial structure it is the structure that adapts to the industrial process and not the other way round. Other typical problems of the industrial environment, that are often underestimated, are the vibrations caused by machines and the elastic deformations of the beams. Our experience triggered by the studies of industrial processes provides a holistic approach to all issues and takes into account all technological aspects of the structures.

We design, build and assemble new industrial structures and we modify existing facilities. Thanks to the methods of finite elements, we conceive and carry out complex structures, consisting of different materials, metal, wood and / or reinforced concrete, for the support of machines and industrial equipment.
 We also optimize weight and above all the cost of structures.  Our method of analysis and calculation allows us to evaluate the safety of existing facilities, even when they have deteriorated or have become deformed, and to make the changes or reinforcements needed to restore the desired level of safety.
Le strutture  negli impianti industriali