The knowledge and experience of our technicians provide an engineering approach to any industrial problem.
In the awareness that all the easy things have already been done, or someone else is already doing them, our lot is to deal with the difficult things.
With the known needs of our clients in mind, we also look for latent needs, that have not yet come to light,
to define the scope of our possible intervention better.

Then based on our know-how, we investigate the problem thoroughly and in depth to distinguish, what matters from what is secondary and non essential. We identify measurable parameters, collect data and make a list of crucial factors.

By adopting the method of “contamination” of ideas, we work collaboratively with clients
and implement a controlled transfer of knowledge and experience between different industrial areas transforming an idea that is still abstract into an operational reality by making use of all the most innovative design resources.

We then proceed to realising the idea, taking even the smallest detail of every aspect involved into consideration
because obsessive attention to detail in innovative projects, limits the risks in the construction phase.

Examples of interventions

chimney revamping