Energy from biomass and cogeneration

In the last few years, the use of biomass in the production of steam and / or superheated water
has taken on an important economic role and many installations have been made.
We design and manufacture accessory equipment for biomass boilers such as fume suction and filtration, biomass fuel supply and ash evacuation.
For energy saving, we design cogeneration systems for electrical energy production with heat recovery.
Heat can be in the form of hot air to be used, for example in drying processes, or as hot water.

Suction and smoke dedusting

We design, manufacture and install complete suction and dedusting systems for smoke produced by biomass boilers.

The systems that we have designed for standard applications consist of
Bag filters with an incorporated settling chamber
Pipe lines and bypass pipes with double seals (mechanical and hydraulic)
• Fans and chimneys.

At the customer's request, we can install filters with an off-line cleaning method, and a low temperature heat recovery unit positioned after the filter.

Sistema di depolverazione fumi

Biomass feeding to the boiler

A wood boiler requires a continuous feeding system which not only takes into account the particularities of fuel,
but also ensures hermetic sealing during the introduction of fuel into the firebox.
We design and manufacture complete feeding systems for boilers from biomass storage to input into firebox.
The feeding chain consists essentially of a hopper, an extractor, conveyors (chain or belt),

a feeding buffer and a screw conveyor to introduce fuel into the firebox.

Alimentazione biomasse alla caldaia

Ash evacuation

The ashes produced by biomass combustion must be evacuated continuously and for this purpose we design,
manufacture and install dry and wet ash evacuation systems.
We use chain conveyors to extinguish and evacuate ashes for wet ash handling systems,
and chain conveyors or screw conveyors for dry ash handling.
To avoid the entry of cold air into a hot smoke flow, and so to prevent the condensation of combustion water steam,
we install very effective rotary valves, of our design and manufacturing
on the ash discharge from multicyclones and from filters.

Cogeneration groups

In order to optimize the use of energy and increase energy efficiency,
we design and install electric energy generation systems with hot air recovery.
This system called energy cogeneration is adopted
when both electricity and thermal energy are necessary in a factory at the same time.
Energy cogeneration is based on an internal combustion engine equipped with an alternator for electricity production,
and a thermal exchanger for heat recovery.
To be economically viable cogeneration must be simple and rapidly amortizable.
To this purpose, we suggest the installation of systems tailored to the factory’s electricity needs and not to heat consumption.
To increase the overall efficiency of cogeneration, when possible, we prefer to avoid complex thermal exchange systems
and to use heat, produced by the engine directly in the form of hot air or hot water.

Gruppo di cogenerazione