Cullet selection with drying and cooling

We design and construct cullet selection plants by using the best machines
for the treatment of glass on the market in a functional and highly effective lay-out.

With a project that suits the needs of the customer, we see to the detailed designing and the building of all conveyors
(belt conveyors, bucket elevators, vibrating conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and special chain conveyors);
connections between the process machines; suction and filtration plants (bag filters, cyclones plenum, pipes, chimneys);
dryers, and coolers, to obtain the highest quality cullet, ready for the glass factory furnace)

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In order to get the best quality glass recycling, it is essential to have well-dried cullet with small amounts of dusts.
We design, build and install systems for drying and cooling cullet with particular attention to energy consumption in order to minimize operating costs;
Abrasiveness of the cullet in order to preserve duration of machines and connections;
Brittleness of the cullet so as to limit the production of fines and powders. We manufacture modulating hot air generators.
They are controlled by temperature and pressure sensors that constantly guarantee the right amount of heat to the dryer.
This ensures that only the necessary fuel is used with considerable energy saving.

The fluid bed coolers that we install are of a high thermal efficiency type, and, in addition to cooling,
they carry out product dedusting and the separation of light fractions.

Fluid bed dryer

A fluid bed dryer consists of a vibrating steel trough, with a perforated bottom and a hot air plenum underneath.
It is a very effective heat exchange system thanks to the direct contact between the hot gas flow and the material that is to be dried.

The combined action of fluidization, generated by the hot gas stream, which flows through the material, and mechanical oscillation,
determines a gradual advancement of the product within the trough and ensures the desired heat exchange.

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Fluid bed cooler

Fluid bed coolers function in the same way as the dryer. Fed by a room temperature air stream, they cool the hot material outgoing from the dryer.
The air flow fluidizes the cullet present inside the vibrating trough and lifts the dusts and the lighter fractions present in the cullet.
The air current sucked by the upper hood removes the dust from the cullet and separates the lighter fractions such as plastic and paper.

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Optical sorting

The cullet , that has been dried and purified of dust and light fractions, undergoes the final selection treatment in optical selection machines.
An optical vision system recognizes the pollutants in the glass such as ceramics, ceramic glass, lead glass and various other residuals.
After being identified, the pollutants are ejected from the machine by means of compressed air jets.
The same machine, in addition to purifying the cullet of its pollutants, can be used to recognize, and then separate glass that has a different colour.

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